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Elaine Mead




Bucks Ceramic Coating is an independently, 100 percent woman owned company. Bred out of necessity and a love of cars it is backed with decades of experience.

Starting as a young child whose weekend job, it was to clean the family car she soon realized the joy and pride that came with driving a shiny car. Elaine Loved the look of joy on her parents faces when she was done she strove to consistently get her family vehicles shinier and shinier each week.

Elaine, started detailing cars soon after she found herself a single mother of three young children. News of a detailed oriented, fairly priced, service quickly spread, and she soon found herself Detailing cars in her driveway while her children were at school. It wasn’t long before, business grew, and she sought out a home for her business in Yardley, PA.

As her popularity in the car industry grew so did her knowledge and desire to always create a great service at a fair price. Soon she caught wind of the ceramic coating movement and in 2013, fueled by her passion and desire to give her customers the best products and service in the market she got her certification as one of three female ceramic installers in the USA. The only one on the East coast.

Elaine now holds certification in three different coating processes, is well versed in many different products and methods and does ceramic coating for many dealerships including Porsche, Audi, Jaguar Land Rover and Mercedes. She has expanded her knowledge to include recreational vehicles such as ATV, boats, RVs, and the such. She also does a home installation line, creating an ease of cleaning for busy moms everywhere and specializes in outdoor kitchens and appliances to help prevent rusting and weather damage.